Ya'at'eeh Children, Families, and Friends,

I got into this field and have been in healthcare/home health care/and home care for over 10 years, been on all sides of this field (the caregiver, the family member, and the leader). I know of the many years I have observed, learned, seen, and experienced, it is a challenge to make the "right" and logical decision(s). Having moral concerns, worrying all the time, the stress, and feeling helpless, because for your Elders and Loved Ones well-being. No one can do everything at the same time; all the time; sometimes we live far; we do not have the opportunity; we have families; we work; etc.

I know for a fact, our/your Elders/Loved Ones are able to remain as independent as they are able, rather than needing to turn over basic tasks to living assisted facilities and nursing home professionals. In-Home Care is often less expensive than care out of the home (Living Assisted/Nursing Homes, etc.). You can obtain THE BEST CARE you can for our/your Elders/Loved Ones. Children, Family, and Friends contribute to the care for your Elders and Loved Ones.

Those who entail the support of your loved ones, your actions reflect well on the people who raised you, I always praise and appreciate you all! Ahéheeʼ!

With a lot of respect and love, Jaroleen.