We want to recruit, screen, and interview individuals who take pride in their job, by doing so we have Pre-Employment Requirements:

  • Interview: Application with Home Care Test and Skills Test;

  • Background Check: The People’s Homecare requires that each Direct Care Worker under the direction of The People’s Homecare undergo a criminal background check though the State they are registered in (i.g., Direct Care Worker resides in Arizona, will need a background check [Title 1], through Arizona Department of Public Safety and/or Direct Care Worker resides in New Mexico will go through Gemalto online [more information, will be attached to application]) before becoming eligible to provide Homecare services to clients and/or Clearance of New Mexico Department of Health, Criminal History Screening;

  • Annual Evaluation: Employees are evaluated at the time and after annually to insure that we are providing you before/after with the very best care;

  • Qualifications: Completion/continuing of CPR&First Aid and In-Service Training/Education of State requirements;

  • Proof of Citizenship: Identification and Social Security Card